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Power Switch

Power-Switch is the blog of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy at Cambridge University.

  • "Clubhouse in China shows that even "harmless" apps may put individuals in harm's way." February 14, 2021. Online here.

  • "What Tech Calls Reading: A Review of the FSG x Logic Book Series." January 18, 2021. Online here.

  • "Seeing Like a Social Media Site: The Anarchist's Approach to Facebook." December 2, 2020. Online here.

  • "The Political Arguments against Digital Monopolies in the House Judiciary Committee's Report." November 16, 2020. Online here.

  • "Should you have a right to a Facebook account?" November 16, 2020. Online here.




  • "Thinking About Truth in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.” Stanford International Policy Review. July 2017. Online here.

  • "Go Fund Justice! A Report on Crowd Funding for the Trust Fund for Victims at the International Criminal Court." Stanford Law School: Law and Policy Lab on Preventing Mass Atrocities. March 2016. Online here.

  • "Extraterritorial Rape: A Legislative Strategy for a New Statute." Stanford Law School: Law and Policy Lab on Preventing Mass Atrocities. January 2016. Online here.

  • "A Greek and a Persian: The Influence of Plato on Ayatollah Khomeini."              Avicenna: Stanford Journal of Muslim Affairs. Winter 2015. Online here.

Northern Slant

Northern Slant is an independent media organization dedicated to constructive changes in Northern Irish political and civic discourse.




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